Launching a Blockchain Business Without Social & Community Management Is like Making a Sandwich with No Filling

You know that feeling when you come across a new blockchain project, something fresh and original, and you get that little tingle of excitement? That small spark that runs up your spine, cruises into your head, and tickles that ‘thought’ across your brain? That ‘wow, this is actually a really interesting idea’, ‘thought’?

You look through their website, you check out everything, you devour their whitepaper, and then you enter their chat room, or you go looking at their twitter, their medium, their reddit, their Steemit, their Linkedin, and what do you find?


Nothing? How the hell does that happen? They’ve got a great idea! They’ve got massive potential! They could be huge!

But I’ve taken my first bite, and I’ve seen that they’re not really doing all that much to make it happen. Because here’s the thing; Social & Community Management actually matters.

People are social creatures. We like to join communities that are interested in the same things we are. We want to have our opinions validated, to see that others believe the same as us. We take comfort in knowing that we’re not alone, and we enjoy sharing what we’re passionate about with others.

When a project builds a community, they build a support base. Better yet, if they do it well that support will turn into a megaphone; a group of people willing and able to spread the word and make sure others turn and pay attention. Word of mouth is widely acknowledged as the most powerful of all marketing tools, building value organically and outlasting and outperforming any ad-campaign; they need to use it.

The benefits don’t stop there. When a team engages with a community, shows that they’re willing and able to discuss, guide, and assist, it demonstrates that they care. It builds trust not just in the team but also the company, the brand, and the product. Trust keeps a community together, and a community that’s together can help keep a project moving forward even when things aren’t going exactly to plan.

Now, do I think it’s possible to succeed without Social & Community Management? Sure, it can happen, but it’s a hell of a lot harder!

So please, if you’re launching something new make sure you don’t leave out Social & Community Management (and don’t just throw a bunch of bots and fake subscribers at it and think that counts; it doesn’t, people can tell, and it kills trust). Instead, give me something I can sink my teeth into, because I for one am tired of eating bland, boring sandwiches with no filling.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

I am a social media and community engagement professional, accomplished at growing active online communities, with over 28 years experience in ICT and digital.