At SSM we use social media to achieve strategic business goals. We do this by maximising brand conversations, visual and written targeted messaging, writing thought leadership content, and answering questions regarding our clients’ products. From breaking a whitepaper into easily understood content to pushing audiences to websites or chat groups, our social media engagement strategy is designed to target your preferred audiences and encourage participation in your campaigns and attract customers for your product.


We provide experienced and professional team members and resources to actively manage the relevant community and social channels, to build a strong community experience, and build an active community, while actively monitoring and removing fraud risks. Our human community managers provide friendly expertise and use questions as an opportunity to build relationships on behalf of our clients. Our communities grow as supportive environments where human interactions build warmth and engagement.


Our team provides full support for sophisticated bounty and airdrop campaigns and manages onboarding and tracking process for referral programs and airdrop campaigns.


SSM Engages with social influencers and community champions on behalf of our clients to gain exposure on influencer channels around the world. We coordinate project messages and marketing campaigns with influencer focused content. We reach out and participate in conversations across social media channels to build influence on behalf of our clients.


Whether it’s weekly blogs, business documents or thought leadership pieces that are needed, our experienced team can create content for social media, publications and websites. Our professional and experienced writers are experts at creating content designed to help engage and inform people of our client’s offerings.


From arranging listings on specialist sites, liaising with youtubers and podcasters, seeking sponsorship opportunities, promoting campaigns across reddit, Medium, Steemit and more. SSM can provide a range of targeted activities designed to maximise the success of any token sale.


SSM offers Channel Management service packages, designed to cater for a range of different needs and requirements. These packages cover community channels (Telegram and social platforms), Bounty and referral campaigns, Social media posts, and engaging crypto and blockchain influencers.

Additional Services

A custom package can be arranged on discussion with us to provide project specific requirements and services, to align with the project team’s needs and expectations. Additional Services include Asian language support, social & digital advertising, website building, SEO services, graphic design and more.

Community Building Signature Social Media provides campaign and ongoing community & social media management strategy service and implementation tailored to our clients’ specific media goals.

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